Sep 19 2019

Twentieth Anniversary Gifts

20th Anniversary Symbols

  • Traditional: China
  • Modern: Platinum
  • Flower: Day Lily
  • Gemstone: Emerald/Yellow or Golden Diamond

Great Deals on Twentieth Anniversary Gifts

Celebrating Your Twentieth Anniversary

20th anniversary clipart.
Another milestone anniversary, the twentieth anniversary is definitely an occasion for celebration. It is also a great time to let your partner of twenty years know how much you appreciate their love and companionship. By twenty years you are probably not saying, “I love you” to your partner everyday even though you probably should so take advantage of you anniversary to say “I love you” in a memorable and special way.

China Gift Suggestions

Want to surprise your partner with a new fine china dinnerware set; look on the Crystallia website for a large selection of traditional, classic and modern fine china patterns Or if you just want to find replacement pieces for the china dinnerware you have had for twenty years there is a great replacement site for discontinued china patterns where you can search for your missing pieces at

If your partner is into tea there are some classic china tea sets available on that would make a nice gift.

There are some porcelain serving dishes and butter dishes on that would make a great addition to any kitchen.

If you want ironstone you can find many serving dishes, pitchers and other old or modern ironstone pieces that would make a beautifult twentieth anniversary gift on

For a unique china gift try the House of Dolls website for a collection of porcelain dolls They offer a large selection of porcelain dolls including brides, Afro American, Victorian and American Indian dolls.

Platinum Gift Suggestions

If you want to give that special man in your life a gift of platinum jewelry; a wide selection including handsome platinum rings and cuff links can be found at There are beautiful platinum chains and bracelets as well as rings and earrings any of which would make a special twentieth anniversary gift for her on the Platinum Only site at

Want something more imaginative than platinum jewelry how about a platinum CD set or DVD set there are literally hundreds to chose from just type your significant others favorite television series, movie, musical group or artist into your search engine and see what you find. I can almost guarantee you will find something perfect for your gift.

For a truly unique platinum gift check out the platinum dipped roses on These roses are picked when in full bloom, preserved in lacquer and dipped in platinum to create a lifetime arrangement. Each rose is a unique masterpiece individually handmade by artisans.

Michael Wainwright handcrafts porcelain vases and candleholders many of which are painted with platinum. This jeweler and sculptor uses his unique talents and experience to create truly gorgeous pieces any of which would be a great gift idea but the platinum selections are a perfect twentieth anniversary gift. Check out his website at

Daylily Gift Suggestions

The scientific name for daylily is Hemerocallis which comes from the Greek words “beauty” and “day.” Each bloom only lasts one day. However there are many buds on each stalk and many stalks meaning the flowering period for the plant is several weeks long.

Because the blooms don’t last long these beautiful flowers don’t make good cut flower arrangements. However if your significant other is a gardener a daylily plant would be a wonderful and lasting twentieth anniversary gift.  You can find a large variety of daylilies at your local garden store if your anniversary falls in the spring or fall or you can order plants on line at Bloomingfields Farms website

Pick your own bouquet website has yellow. white, orange, ivory, toffee rose, amber, coral and brick red silk daylily sprays you can mix and match to make your daylily gift bouquet. The best part of a beautiful silk bouquet is the flowers last forever not just a day. Go to to order your silk daylily sprays.

If you would like a daylily photo, note card or print check out the redbubble website offering many daylily photos and canvas or framed print options

Emerald and Yellow or Golden Diamond Gift Suggestions


The emerald has been a prized jewel for over six thousand years. There are records of the sale of emeralds in the markets of Babylon and of emeralds being worshiped by the Incas.  The Greeks associated the emerald with Venus the goddess of love and believed the emerald protected lovers from unfaithfulness. Aristotle wrote about the perceived powers of the emerald to help the wearer in business deals and to prevent epilepsy. Different cultures believed the emerald was powerful in a variety of different ways…some believed the emerald stood for fertility, others thought the emerald was soothing, gave the wearer the power to foretell the future, that it  warned the wearer of impending danger and brought the wearer good luck.

Today the emerald is still a highly prized stone and popular choice for jewelry. If you are thinking of a gift of emerald jewelry there is a large selection of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets on Jewels for Me website at

Yellow or Golden Diamond

A diamond with nitrogen in the gem has a yellow to brown color. These yellowish diamonds while not as popular as the clear diamonds are much rarer. Generally, the richer the color of the yellow diamond the more it will be worth.

Joden World Resources website has a beautiful collection of modern and antique yellow diamond rings, earrings and pendants at

Celebration Ideas


The twentieth anniversary is a great excuse for a big party or fancy dinner with friends and family just make sure the arrangements include a caterer or dinner out so the happy couple does not have to spend all their time cooking and cleaning up and can enjoy the time with those who have been supportive of their twenty year relationship.

Maybe more to your taste would be a romantic trip to a tropical locale or a mountain retreat for just the two of you.

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