Sep 19 2019

Thirteenth Anniversary Gifts

13th Anniversary Symbols

  • Traditional: Lace
  • Modern: Faux fur/Textiles
  • Flower: Hollyhock
  • Gemstone: Citrine/Moonstone/Hawk’s Eye

Great Deals on Thirteenth Anniversary Gifts

Celebrating Your Thirteenth Anniversary

13th anniversary clip art.
Thirteen is considered an unlucky number but you thirteenth anniversary should be an anniversary to celebrate and remember. You have defied the odds and made it this far; let’s face it you two have something special that others search a lifetime to find and some never do. Make thirteen memorable for you and your partner.

Lace Gift Suggestions

Lace gifts could include blouses with lace collars or lace trimmed night gowns or robes.

There is an inexpensive and classy lace trimmed pillowcase set at

For a sexy gift you could give her a Victoria’s Secret lacy bra or panty. A lace camisole or slip would be a special gift.

If she is Irish or just loves beautiful things a perfect gift might be an original design, Carrickmacross Irish lace piece. On the Irish Carrickmacross website these delicate pieces come displayed on handmade paper suitable for framing or beautifully framed. Each piece comes with its own signed, dated and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Heritage Lace offers incredible lace tablecloths, lace runners, lace curtains, lace shower curtains, and lace wall hangings and Christmas ornaments at

Your Lace Place’s online store at also offers lace table linens and curtains and lace shower curtains

Faux Fur/Textiles Gift Suggestions

Faux Fur

Faux fur or fake fur is made of synthetic fibers manufactured to resemble fur. First used in 1929, faux fur became popular in the 1950’s and its popularity has increased recently as an animal friendly alternative to real fur with increased consumer sensitivity to animal rights.

You can find any type of clothing or accessory typically made of real fur made of faux fur. Faux fur today is beautiful, warm and easy to clean and care for and an affordable alternative to real fur clothing.

Fabulous Furs offers faux fur throws, coats, jackets and collars in leopard, fox and beaver fur look-a-likes at

Would your partner like a throw, pillow or rug in soft and warm mink, chinchilla, leopard, cheetah, lynx, coyote, giraffe, or grizzly or polar bear you can find it all at Faux Fur Throw’s website at   These great animal friendly, easy to care for thirteenth anniversary gifts will be enjoyed by you and your partner on cold afternoons and winter nights for years to come.

Does your partner love wildlife, horses or other furry creatures choose a thirteenth anniversary gift of a faux fur animal from among hundreds of choices on Wildlife Treasurers at My personal favorite is the penguin but there are many other cute animals including a whole family of moose and many, many rabbits from which to select your thirteenth anniversary gift.


Now this is a very broad anniversary gift category and includes any natural or synthetic fibers woven, knitted, pressed or otherwise bonded into fabrics. Textiles include linens and all apparel items as well as rugs.

Any gift of clothing, sheets, towels, curtains or table cloths would be considered a textile gift.

Rugs make a great textile gift. The Rug Company offers an incredible collection of traditional, contemporary and designer rugs that would make any home more lovely and inviting at

If you are looking for a scarf or wrap for that special someone as your thirteenth anniversary gift try These unique scarves are a memorable anniversary gift.

If an apron or other kitchen accessories made of fabric are what you want to find for your partner’s gift try for a large selection of fabric designs and items.

Want something a little different? Sri specializes in Japanese folk textiles and sells kimonos, jackets, wall hangings, rugs, and fabric bolts on their website at

Fabric art is a unique choice and can be found in a variety of colors and fabrics. Check out the KimT web page for what she describes as funky and modern fabric art at

A quilt would be another textile gift suggestion. You can find traditional or modern quilt patterns. You can find traditional quilts on  For beautiful and colorful nontraditional quilts see those made by “Lynn in California” on

Hollyhock Gift Suggestions

Hollyhocks are popular flowers with large multicolored blooms that come in purple, red and white flowers among others. Hollyhocks grow well in the sunny locations and are very drought resistant. However, you are not going to be able to give hollyhock plants or flower arrangements. They just don’t transplant or grow in pots.

To give a hollyhock themed gift you will have to stick with silk flowers or gifts with a hollyhock motif. You can find silk hollyhock stems on if you want to make your own arrangement or decorate a grapevine wreath with hollyhock flowers.

Abigail A. Percy offers an 18c gold plated hollyhock necklace that was made for a thirteenth wedding anniversary gift for the woman who loves delicate and feminine jewelry. See this beautiful piece on

Or if your partner is a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright the perfect gift is this replica of the Wright “Hollyhock House” (1917) wall panel cast in sandstone at If you do not have the wall space for the hollyhock panel you might consider the hollyhock bookends also on the MacLin Studio web site.

There is a Tiffany style ceiling light with a hollyhock design on that would be a beautiful thirteen anniversary gift.

Citrine/Moonstone/Hawk’s Eye Gift Suggestions

You can find citrine gift suggestions on the eleventh anniversary page.


The moonstone is the stone of the goddess Diana and is supposed to possess powers that are particularly strong during a full moon. It is believed that if you give your lover a moonstone necklace when the moon is full your relationship will always have passion. Now that is a powerful gift on any anniversary.

You can find that moonstone necklace as well as earrings and bracelets at Earths Gifts on

If your partner meditates he or she would be thrilled with these moonstone meditation spheres found at You can also find moonstone wands pyramids and eggs on this site.

Hawk’s Eye

The hawk’s eye is believed to give you insight and perspective. The hawk’s eye is a type of tiger eye stone with a blue/grey color.

You can find a beautiful hawk’s eye bead bracelet on

The Celebration

happy anniversary clipart.

If you want to take a trip and stay within the hollyhock theme consider visiting the Frank Lloyd Wright Hollyhock House in Burbank California.  If you are thinking more along the lines of giving your partner a moonstone to ensure that enduring passion in your relationship why not a trip to a lodge or remote mountain bed and breakfast scheduled to coincide with a full moon.

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