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Fifteenth Anniversary Gifts

15th Anniversary Symbols

  • Traditional: Crystal
  • Modern: Watches
  • Flower: Rose
  • Gemstone: Ruby/Rhodolite Garnet/Alexandrite

Great Deals on Fifteenth Anniversary Gifts

Celebrating Your Fifteenth Anniversary

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The fifteenth is another milestone anniversary worthy of celebrating with large gatherings and celebrations of friends and family or wonderful trips for the two of you to romantic getaways. Take advantage of your fifteenth anniversary to throw a big party or take that long delayed trip and enjoy it.

Crystal Gift Suggestions

Wine or champagne glasses either crystal or glassware comes immediately to mind. You could get an entire set of wine glasses including red and white wine glasses and champagne glasses or just one of the wine glass types. For crystal wine glasses see Not wine lovers how about glass beer mugs the kind you can frost in the freezer.

Waterford, Swarovski, Riedel, Nambe, Marquis by Waterford, Orrefors and Kosta Boda crystal are elegant and classy gifts. See for thousands of crystal gift ideas. Want to personalize the crystal gift how about choosing a crystal vase then filling it with her favorite flowers. Or if you are buying your first home or redecorating your home a crystal chandelier would be a gift that would be around for years to come as a reminder of your third anniversary. You could even have the chandelier installed while you partner is at work and surprise him or her with a dinner under the new chandelier.

Watches Gift Suggestions

Watches are an interesting gift category for the fifteenth anniversary. Do they think time is more important by the fifteenth anniversary or were they just trying to symbolize the time you have spent together as being significant? Either way there are a lot of watch gift options to choose from today.

On you will find a large selection of novelty watches if you are looking for a fun gift. You can find Chaplin, Da Vinci, Nietzsche, Einstein, Shakespeare, Freud, Shiva, and Virginia Woolf.

Or would your partner like a Disney Character watch? Maybe Mickey, Minnie, Tinker Bell, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh or Donald Duck would be a gift your Disney fan would enjoy. See the many choices on

If you partner is a runner, biker or swimmer one of the many sports/performance watches on would make an ideal fifteenth anniversary gift. There is also a great bicycle watch necklace for her you have to see to believe on

If diamonds are your partner’s passion try the diamond watch selection on the Classic Watch Shop at to find the perfect anniversary gift.

There are unusual watches for that partner who is a gadget freak at including an MP 4 watch that has 2 GB of memory and will reproduce text files and photos, play videos and music, the weather forecast watch which measures barometric pressure and atmospheric conditions, or the digital compass watch.

Rose Gift Suggestions

No flower symbolizes romance and love more than the rose. Each color of rose has a special meaning.

  • The red rose stands for love, courage and respect.
  • The white rose purity and innocence.
  • The pink rose grace, perfect happiness and gentleness.
  • The dark pink rose thank you, gratitude and appreciation.
  • The yellow rose for joy, gladness and delight.
  • The orange rose for desire and enthusiasm.

Pick your rose color and send a bouquet on your anniversary day with a card explaining the significance of your choice of color. If you send the roses to work your partner will not only enjoy the roses and your message but will enjoy the envoy of her co-workers. You can send roses online from or

There are wonderful silk rose arrangements available in all the rose colors on Silk roses are a delightful choice for an anniversary gift that will keep giving for a long time after the anniversary celebration. A great addition to the gift of silk roses would be rose potpourri so your gift has both the beauty of the rose and the wonderful rose smell as well. You can purchase rose potpourri at

Or what about a rose scented beauty product? You can purchase a rose facemask from or rose scented soaps from Wrapables at

If your partner would enjoy a rose scented perfume House of Rose has rose scented fragrances for women on Or maybe a rose scented candle from Wickedly Scented at

Ruby/Rhodolite Garnet/Alexandrite Gift Suggestions


When given as a gift a ruby signifies friendship and love. Known as the love stone the ruby is believed to make love more passionate.

Gemologica offers twelve different men’s ruby rings that would surely show your partner how special he is to you. Check out these rings on their website at

If you are searching for ruby jewelry ideas for her, look at the rings, pendants, and earrings on for a large selection of gift ideas.

A thoughtful and unique fifteenth anniversary gift would be the ruby red crystal goblets found on There are three different ruby red hand-blown crystal goblets to choose from on the Crystalacarte page each is distinctive and elegant. You can also find handmade ruby red crystal vases on this site in a variety of exquisite shapes and sizes. These vases would be a perfect fifteenth anniversary gift filled with white roses. You would, with one gift, combine the sentiment of all three gift categories – crystal, roses and ruby.

Rhodolite Garnet

The rhodolite garnet is often mistaken for a ruby because of its similar red color. This attractive stone is lighter in color than most garnets and is most sought after when its red color has a purple cast. Rhodolite in Greek is translated as rose and you will see the rhodolite garnet called the rose stone. The rhodolite garnet like the ruby is associated with love and faithfulness.

Mineral Miners at has a nice selection of rhodolite garnet jewelry gifts including a baroque necklace that any woman would appreciate. If modern and sleek is your partner’s style the 18K yellow gold rhodolite garnet pendent on John Atencio Stores’ website at is what you are looking for.

If you are searching for a romantic rhodolite garnet gift check out the heart shaped rhodolite garnet ring on Unique Anniversary Gifts website at


This rare gemstone discovered in 1834 in Russia is named after Tsar Alexander II of Russia and because of its unique red and green coloring was the national stone of tsarist Russia.

Because it is so rare naturally it is not as commonly used in jewelry as other gemstones. There is a synthetic alexandrite used in jewelry.

You can find several alexandrite rings, earrings and a beautiful pendant on the Mineral Miners website mentioned above in the rhodolite garnet section.

The Celebration

happy anniversary clipart.

This is an opportunity to plan something special. A gathering of those close to you and your partner for dinner or cocktails or just an afternoon of conversation and fun would be an appropriate celebration. Don’t wait get the invitations out so all your friends can be there.

If you decide you want to take that long planned trip you have been putting off get online and make your reservations now. Whether you decide on a gathering of many or a trip for two either will take some planning ahead.

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