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Sixty Fifth Anniversary Gifts

65th Anniversary Symbols

  • Traditional: Blue Sapphire
  • Modern: Blue Sapphire
  • Gemstone: Star Sapphire

Great Deals on Sixty Fifth Anniversary Gifts

Celebrating Your Sixty-fifth Anniversary

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The original anniversary gift symbol lists stopped at the fifty-fifth anniversary and jumped to the seventy-fifth anniversary. The sixtieth, sixty-fifth and seventieth wedding anniversaries were not included on these original lists and did not have any traditional or modern gift categories associated with them.

When Queen Victoria celebrated her Sixtieth Jubilee (or Diamond Jubilee), the sixtieth anniversary was included for the first time on the anniversary gift lists. After the sixtieth anniversary was added with a modern and traditional gift suggestion of the diamond many anniversary gift lists also added the sixtieth and seventieth anniversaries also featuring the diamond as the modern and traditional gift.

The sixty-fifth anniversary was not included on the lists until recently when the sapphire became associated with the sixty-fifth anniversary as the modern and traditional gift symbol on a few of the anniversary lists. For some reason many lists still have not added a sixty-fifth anniversary to their anniversary gift lists.

Blue Sapphire Gift Suggestions

Sapphire stone is the traditional and modern gift suggestion for the 65th wedding anniversary and giving your significant other with a gift related to sapphire stone will surely make the sixty-fifth a memorable anniversary. After spending sixty-five years with your partner you have no doubt realized that he or she is the most precious stone in your life and is deserving of a precious stone gift.

Sapphire means blue in Greek. The sapphire stones are characterized by their extreme hardness exceeded only by the diamond and their color and transparency. The blue sapphire is often called the gem of the sky and it comes in many shades of blue ranging from the deep blue of the evening sky to the mid-blue of a summer’s day sky.

In ancient time it was believed that the earth was embedded in a big blue sapphire and that was why the sky was blue. In many civilizations the blue sapphire is a symbol of heaven. In modern times Prince Philip gave a blue sapphire to Queen Elizabeth as an engagement ring and later Prince Charles gave that same blue sapphire to Lady Diana as an engagement ring.

All most everyone loves blue and the blue sapphire is a perfect stone for anyone who loves blue.

You can find a selection of beautiful blue sapphire rings on the website of the Diamond design company at You can find unique blue sapphire necklaces and pendants on The same websites has great blue sapphire cufflinks which would make a great gift for him.

There are many handmade original design pendants, rings earrings, brooches and cufflinks at For a unique hand carved Australian blue sapphire pendant with an angel carved into the stone check out the Gemhunters web page found at

Not into jewelry use the blue of the sapphire and select blue pillows or sheets or towels at for a more practical anniversary gift. Or for an environmentally friendly gift try the blue wine glasses made from recycled glass available from eco-outlet’s website at

There is a beautiful hand blown blue glass bowl if you are looking for a truly one of a kind gift on the website

If you are looking for something more personal how about a blue silk or wool scarf or a great blue tie. There is a large selection of scarves to choose among at and you can find silk designer ties at

Or how about a comfortable pair of blue jeans. Check out the original Levi jean selection on their website at

Maybe after 65 years your special someone is tired of collecting more and more stuff. The perfect gift would be a wonderful arrangement of blue flowers. You can order flowers to be delivered at Flowers are always romantic and say you remembered and care which is what anniversary gifts are supposed to be about. Be sure to include a personal note.

Star Sapphire Gift Suggestions

The star sapphire is a unique stone that has a star-like image in the stone known as asterism. This beautiful effect if caused by intersecting lines or inclusions that looks like a six point star when the star sapphire is held up to the light. Star sapphires come in many colors but the most common colors are blue and pink. The value of a star sapphire depends on the color of the stone and the intensity of the asterism.

You can find beautiful star sapphires set into rings and pendants on the Natural Sapphire website at

Celebration Ideas

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After sixty-five years those celebrating their anniversary should get whatever type of celebration they would most enjoy. If that is a vacation to a warm tropical island so be it. You can find great package deals on If it is a big party with lots of friends and relatives that is what you should make sure happens. Maybe a cruise would be the perfect celebration. You can check out cruises that are available at or any of the other cruise line websites. Or maybe dinner with close friends and a concert, sporting event or play would be more to the happy couples liking. If you are looking for tickets to a play, sporting event or concert you can find them on

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