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Seventy-fifth Anniversary Gifts

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The seventy-fifth anniversary has one symbol for the traditional, modern and gemstone categories–the diamond. Thus, this momentous event is another diamond anniversary. While a diamond gift is probably not something that a 90-something might be interested, the event is still worth celebrating. After all, it’s rare that a marriage lasts that long. These celebrations should focus on gathering their friends and family rather than anything too fancy. Often, all a 90-something person wants is time with the people who matter.

Starting the planning for the seventy-fifth anniversary a year in advance is a good idea. You’ll need to reserve a space big enough to accommodate the visitors and make sure enough people can make it to the event.

This guide provides a summary on holding a 75th Anniversary celebration for older loved ones:

Great Deals on Seventy-fifth Anniversary Gifts

Plan the Celebration

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Planning in advance is critical in determining the date and venue for the seventy-fifth anniversary event. If the anniversary date is midweek, you may want to consider a weekend celebration to allow family and friends from out of town to attend. Start working with the “must attend” guests to find the date that works best for them. Once you select a preferred date, you can begin work on finding and reserving an appropriate venue.

Make a list of requirements when selecting a place for your party. Consider the size of the group you want to accommodate. Choose a location that is easily accessible of people with disabilities. After all, there will be a lot of older folks attending the event. Convenient parking is a must.

You will likely want internet connectivity for those who want to attend via video conferencing, and you may want facilities for caterers or kitchen facilities if you are bringing in food yourself. If you are planning on a formal program or including music, you must make sure that the venue has appropriate provisions for microphones and other audiovisual equipment.

Save the Date

Once you’ve reserved a venue, send out clear invitations to all the important guests well in advance to ensure that they can make it. You can either send save-the-date notices via e-mail or popular services like Evite. You may also send physical invitations through post. You can have these notices printed through online services like Vistaprint.

Selecting the Menu

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Your first decision is what type of event you want to have. A sit down dinner might be nice if the guest list is smaller, whereas a dessert reception is an option for a larger group. You could also do a reception format with appetizers or finger foods. If you are going to use a caterer, be sure to schedule their services several months in advance. The larger the group, the more time the caterer will need to prepare the meals.

If you are going to prepare the food yourself, give yourself enough time to get everything done. This way, you’ll have the day itself to enjoy with your friends and family. A pot luck is another option. Ask others to bring their favorite recipes to share with the guests.

A special cake is a must-have for any anniversary celebration. You may have a favorite local bakery you want to order a special cake from or you may want to check out We Take the Cake, recommended by Oprah herself.

Making an Entertaining Program

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing entertainment. Your only real limits are your budget and the couple’s preferences. If you’d like a more formal celebration, have a planned program and get
If you plan to book musicians, book them well in advance.

You should plan the celebration to maximize comfort. You don’t want to stress out or confuse your guests. Consider a reception-like format where the honorees can remain seated and greet guests individually. Hire a designated photographer to take pictures of each guest with the happy couple.

If you are worried about the honorees’ stamina, you could stagger the invitations. Each batch of invitees arrive at least an hour after one another. This method allows the honorees to have ample time to greet their guests without tiring themselves out.

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Sharing happy memories with the lovely couple are a heartwarming way to celebrate their love story. Ask each guest to bring a photo or memento of a time or event they shared with the honorees. These can be featured in a a poster or cork board containing everyone’s mementos of the happy couple. If you are planning a more formal program, however, you may instead invite guests to prepare a short speech or presentation.

webcam video conference

Modern technology means that even those who can’t make it can still take part. Coordinate with guests who can’t travel to schedule video visits between them and the honorees. Choose a venue with a good internet connection. Skype is an easy way to connect with out of town family and friends through their video conferencing service. Schedule the video conferences so you can show the video on a big screen so all the guests can share in the visits.

After the Event Mementos

Photos and videos help preserve the memory of this special event in the hearts of your guests. You can publish photos and videos of the event on DVD or photo sharing site so all the guests and the honorees can enjoy the event over and over. Learn how to set up a web page at WebsiteSetup.org. You can also use Facebook or Instagram to share your videos and photos from the event.


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