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Sixtieth Anniversary Gifts

60th Anniversary Symbolssixtieth anniversary clipart.

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Great Deals on Sixtieth Anniversary Gifts

Celebrating Your Sixtieth Anniversary

The sixtieth anniversary, also called the diamond anniversary, is usually celebrated with large and festive gatherings of family and friends. Gifts are really difficult at the sixtieth anniversary and beyond. The happy couple is likely not interested in collecting more things. You have to be creative and come up with meaningful gifts and mementos that are compatible with the downsizing goals most couples are striving to achieve.

Personalized Gift Suggestions

Think of personalized gifts like a scrapbook or video presentation. The scrapbook or video presentation could collect, organize, and preserve a historical review of the couple’s life together including as many photos as you can gather, either from the couple or from family and friends. You can upload to a photo sharing site and allow family and friends to contribute photos, video clips and mementos to the anniversary project. Most social media sites already have this feature. Meanwhile, websites like Shutterly assists in creating coffee table photo books, calendars with personal pictures, and other printed memorabilia. Smug Mug is another popular site offering photo presentations and storage, as well as reproducing your pictures on gift items like coffee mugs and aprons.

Another personalized gift idea is to document the sixtieth anniversary celebration. Include quotes or interviews with the guests as well as the honorees. Make sure everyone has an opportunity to get a personal message into a slideshow or video. For those who wanted to attend the anniversary celebration but couldn’t be there – give them the opportunity to send you messages to include in the video file. Whether using stills or video, you will want to incorporate some of the couple’s favorite music selections into the final file. Upload the file online so everybody including closest friends and family see the finished video. You can also have a DVD or Blu Ray copy as a gift to the couple. You could also include a coffee table book version with some of the very best pictures and quotes.

If the couple would appreciate a personal greeting from the President, you can request the White House to send a congratulatory message on the couple achieving this milestone anniversary. Usually, eight to twelve weeks’ notice is the lead time, so be sure to get your request submitted in advance so the greeting can be a part of the anniversary scrapbook or video presentation. You can also have it framed for display at the celebration.

You can make the request by postal mail by sending your request to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC 20502 or by faxing your request to (202) 456-2461. Be sure to include all the relevant information for a personalized message like how to address the couple (i.e. John and Mary or Mr. and Mrs. Peter Smith), the date of the wedding, the number of the anniversary and be sure to include your address. You can also add an active phone number in case additional information or clarification is needed.

Another fun anniversary gift is to order personalized M&M’s for the celebration by going to MyMMs.com with the couple’s names or other unique messages printed on these classic candies.
old couple with flowers

Whatever other gifts you are considering, and no matter if the celebration you are planning is large or intimate, don’t forget the flowers. You can select flower arrangements from your local florist or online at FTD. Roses are always an appropriate and beautiful anniversary arrangement choice. You could also consider an arrangement of the couple’s favorite flowers, or if you really want to strike a romantic note, arrangements that incorporate the flowers the bride carried on her wedding day sixty years ago.

Diamond Gift Suggestions

Even if the anniversary couple are downsizing, a special piece of diamond jewelry may still be appreciated. Think carefully about the couple and their personal preferences. Maybe matching diamond watches would be a nice way to commemorate this significant event.

The Watchery has a large selection of diamond watches for men and women from which you should be able to find the perfect anniversary gift. There are also many fine diamond jewelry selections including rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces if diamond jewelry is the gift you want to give. If you want a personalized, custom-designed diamond jewelry, try Custom Made to have your unique and original diamond jewelry expertly made.

The Celebration

60th anniversary clip art.

I believe that the most meaningful anniversary celebrations are those the couple helps to plan. I am not suggesting you can’t include a surprise guest or gift. However, the celebration should be all about the couple and they should be as comfortable as possible with the style and nature of the event. If the couple never wore satin dresses or suits and ties, a formal dinner would not be the perfect event to celebrate their life together. On the other hand, if the happy couple loves dressing up and going out – a picnic in the park is probably not a good choice for the anniversary celebration.

If the couple’s life revolves around their family, the celebration should be a family affair and include appropriate activities for the younger members of the family.

If the couple is intensely private and happiest when enjoying each other’s company, you can organize your loved ones and surprise the couple with a cruise or a vacation villa at a private beach.

My advice is to let the couple help plan the sixtieth anniversary celebration. You do the work and take care of the details but let the honorees have a large, if not final say, in the manner in which their special day is celebrated.


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