Jan 22 2020

How to Pick a Wedding Anniversary Cake

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Choosing an anniversary cake is a lot more fun than choosing a wedding cake because you have fewer constraints. It can be any flavor, any color and any shape. It can be a traditional tiered wedding cake, a layered cake or a sheet cake.

It is common knowledge you cannot judge a book by its cover. When choosing a wedding anniversary cake however you want the perfect look for the cake as well as the perfect texture and flavor. After all, the wedding anniversary cake will be center of attention. Everyone at the celebration will notice the cake and most will have a piece before they leave the party.

Be sure to plan ahead. Like wedding cakes if you want a custom made anniversary cake it is not unusual to order custom made cake six months in advance of the celebration. For sure you want to order a custom made cake several months in advance to make sure you give the baker the time necessary to create your special cake.

Flavor of the Cake, Fillings and Icings

In choosing the wedding anniversary cake the obvious choice is the cake and icing flavors the couple chose for their wedding. However there are many wonderful cakes available and if the couple had a vanilla cake with traditional fondant or royal icing you may want to go for something different for the anniversary cake. Consider chocolate, fancy carrot, cheese, banana, or a layered cake with fruit flavored fillings between the layers.

Make sure you know the couple’s likes and dislikes if you are not asking them to choose the cake. It would be most unfortunate to have a chocolate cake with chocolate icing only to discover the couple hates chocolate.

You will also have to choose a filling flavor if you are getting a cake with layers. The filling is that wonderful creamy stuff that holds the tiers or layers together. It should blend nicely with the flavor of the cake and the flavor of the icing but can be a complimentary rather than the same flavor if you like.

For the cake icing you can choose a simple sugar icing or a rich cream cheese icing. There are many icing recipes so ask your baker for recommendations; you are sure to find one to please. And you can request your icings in all flavors imaginable. Most bakers will give you a taste of the various cake flavors, icing flavors and filling flavors they offer so if you are having trouble making up your mind ask to taste a few.

One of the big advantages of choosing a wedding anniversary cake is you can have two or three smaller cakes each of a different flavor and with different icings. Another way to offer the guests some diversity is to choose a tiered or layered cake with each tier or layer being a different flavor.

Shape and Size of the Cake

Cakes come in all shapes and sizes. Traditional cakes which have several layers are a great choice. Depending on how many guests you have the options for the size and shape of cake are limitless. Of course the biggest factor in deciding how large your cake should be is how many guests you will have. A great reference is the website www.topweddingsites.com/wedding-cakes.html which has a table estimating how many guests a tiered cake can feed.

Most bakers or bakeries will provide an estimate of how many guests their sheet or layered cakes will feed. Keep in mind a round or square cake will generally serve more guests. That however should not keep you from ordering a unique shape if it is what you want.

Decoration or Theme of the Cake

If your anniversary party has a theme consider choosing a cake that compliments the theme in flavor and design. For example a Mardi Gras party might feature a cake decorated like the wonderful masks you see at the Mardi Gras celebrations. For a Luau you might choose a pineapple or banana flavored cake or pineapple or banana fillings between the layers of your cake. For a BBQ or western theme what could be more appropriate than the Chocolate Buttermilk Texas Sheet Cake.

As for how the cake looks you can choose decorations that range from traditional to unique. You can go with flowers, swags and ribbons to something personal and symbolic to celebrate the honorees and their life together. Just remember the more intricate, unique or complicated the design the more expensive the cake will be. There is a great website designed to help brides design their wedding cakes that you might find useful designing your perfect anniversary cake. Go to www.brides.com/planning/cakes/createacake/ to design your perfect anniversary cake on the internet before ordering it from the baker. Choose your favorite colors, designs, decorations and see what you can come up with.

Choosing a Baker or Bakery

Probably the most important decision you will make is selecting the right baker to create your cake. Ask the baker you are considering for references and to see pictures of other cakes the baker has made. Get a price quote for the cake you want and make sure you understand if that quote includes delivery.

There is a good article on www.cakesourspecialty.com/tips-on-selecting-a-baker.php discussing how to select a baker that you may find helpful even though is focuses primarily on wedding cakes the points the article makes are applicable to selecting a baker for any event. There is another article and a “find a baker in your area” locator on the web page www.weddingcakecreations.com/knowing-which-baker-to-trust-for-wedding-cake.html.

Once you find the baker you want to use make sure the written order clearly reflects the type and size of cake you are ordering including the flavor, icing, decorations and any other special instructions. If the cake is to be delivered make sure the date and time of the delivery are correct and that there are clear directions to the location where the cake is to be delivered.

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