Jan 22 2020

Anniversary Rings

Are you searching for the perfect anniversary gift for your spouse? Consider an anniversary ring. Anniversary rings used to be uncommon but today they are a popular gift. After all the symbolism of the circle shape of the ring is eternal love and just like the rings you exchanged on your wedding ring that symbolisms is a perfect sentiment for an anniversary gift.

You can choose any style of ring for your anniversary gift. You can choose a simple metal band, an ornate band, a band encircled with precious stones or a ring with a single gem.

Platinum, white gold, and yellow gold are popular metal choices. Bands etched with a design or patterns are also a popular choice and it is always a romantic touch to add an inscription inside the ring with dates, names or a special message.

Two appropriate choices are the Claddagh ring and the eternity ring.

Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are bands circled with precious gems; most often the band is circled with diamonds but another option is to alternate diamonds with rubies, sapphires or emeralds or maybe encircle the entire band with one of these beautiful alternatives to the traditional diamonds. Some chose their spouse’s or children’s birthstones or another symbolic gem to make the ring more unique.

Depending on your budget and lifestyle you may choose a white or yellow gold band or a platinum or titanium band.

Because of the weight and width of the stones if the wearer has a smaller finger some prefer half eternity rings with stones only along one side of the ring others prefer a full circle of stones. The most popular shapes or cuts if the gems set into eternity rings are the round, princess and emerald cuts.

You can find a large selection of unique and traditional eternity rings on the websites www.eternityweddingbands.com and http://www.bluenile.com/wedding-rings.

Claddagh Rings

The traditional Irish Claddagh ring is named after one of Ireland’s oldest fishing villages just outside Galway City where it is said to have originated over 300 years ago.

The Claddagh was traditionally worn as a wedding or engagement ring and handed down from generation to generation. Today this romantic ring steeped in Celtic jewelry tradition is a popular choice as an anniversary gift.

The Claddagh ring traditionally incorporates a heart shape clasped in two hands with a crown sitting on top of the heart. Over the years jewelers have modified the design, some eliminated the crown from the design and others have added a second heart, and many Claddagh rings today have gems either set into the heart or heart shaped gems are used as the heart in the design but basically the significant aspects and symbolism of the ring has remained intact.

Popular in Ireland for sometime, worldwide attention came to the Claddagh ring design as the Irish people relocated around the world looking for work after the potato famine in 1845.

There are two stories as to who made the first Claddagh ring. One story suggests the first Claddagh ring was made by Richard Joyce a fisherman from Claddagh who was abducted while fishing, by Moorish pirates and taken to Tunisia. There he became a slave to a goldsmith and learned the trade. In 1670 he was released when King William III made an agreement with the rulers of Tunisia allowing all British subjects who where held as slaves to return to their homes. Richard returned to Claddagh hoping his true love would still be waiting for him. When he arrived home he found his true love was waiting for him and they were married. Richard made the first Claddagh rings, for their wedding. The couple later opened a goldsmith store and sold the Claddagh rings out of their store.

The second tale of the origin of the Claddagh ring is that it was a reward for the good works done by Margaret Joyce a rich widow who married the Mayor of Galway and used her considerable wealth to build many bridges in Connacht. The Claddagh ring was dropped into her lap by an eagle in recognition of her kindness.

It is believed the heart of the Claddagh ring symbolizes love, the hands symbolize friendship and the crown loyalty. Queen Victoria, Edward VII and Buffy the vampire slayer have all worn Claddagh rings.

The tradition surrounding Claddagh rings extends to how they are worn. Those who wear the ring on their right hand with the heart point pointing out toward the end of the finger are said to be fancy free; those who wear the ring on the right hand with the point of the heart pointing toward the palm of their hand are said to be spoken for; and those who wear the ring on their left hand are said to have found true love.

You can find Claddagh rings on www.claddaghringking.com if you are interested in purchasing one.

Where to Buy Anniversary Rings on the Internet

You can find a large selection of anniversary rings on the Internet including unusual men’s rings in a variety of sizes. Here are some websites that sell anniversary rings:

  • Just Metal at www.justmetal.com/ sells a number of anniversary rings including a handsome satin finish titanium ring with polished, ridged edges.
  • A great site to find the perfect anniversary ring for him is the Just Men’s site at www.justmensrings.com/. Just Men’s Rings sells a large variety of men’s rings, including unusual rings and biker style rings. You can choose from gold, platinum, silver, palladium, titanium, stainless steel and tungsten rings.
  • The Blue Nile site at www.bluenile.com/wedding-rings offers a selection of eternity rings, simple bands, three and five diamond rings as well as solitaire and custom designed rings.
  • www.kay.com has custom and ready made rings for both men and women.
  • Another site with many anniversary rings to choose from is www.jewelrycentral.com/anniversary-rings.

Great Deals on Anniversary Rings

An anniversary ring is a wonderful way to tell your spouse that you still love and appreciate them and they will remember your sentiment every time they wear the ring.


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