Jan 22 2020

Twelfth Anniversary Gifts

12th Anniversary Symbols

  • Traditional: Linen/Silk
  • Modern: colored Gems/Pearls
  • Flower: Peony
  • Gemstone: Jade/Opal

Great Deals on Twelfth Anniversary Gifts

Celebrating Your Twelfth Anniversary

12th anniversary clip art.
The twelfth anniversary is a good time to let your significant other know she or he is still the apple of your eye. Let them know how much you cherish them with a personal gift – maybe a special poem or a handmade gift that you make yourself – just for your partner.

Linen/Silk Gift Suggestions

There are linen and silk gift suggestions in the 4th Anniversary gift article. Any of these would make great twelfth anniversary gifts.

If you like our idea of personalizing the twelfth anniversary gift by making it yourself, here are some additional linen and silk suggestions.

If you embroider, you could buy a silk or linen handkerchief and embroider your partner’s initials in the corner. If you can sew, you could make a silk tie. Making a tie is not difficult. There are simple, illustrated instructions on SamHober.com.

For a self-made knitted gift, there are colorful yarns available at The Yarn Company that make wonderfully soft scarves, sweaters or blankets.

Beautiful Silks has a silk paper making kit that you could purchase to make silk paper for your twelfth anniversary gift. You could also go one step further and add a more personalized touch with a special poem or message on a piece of the silk paper.

Another unique silk gift idea is a kit to make a painted silk scarf or wall hanging. Silk painting has been done in China for hundreds of years and more recently has become a popular craft in Europe and the US. Dharma Trading Company has silk painting kits to help you get started.

You could make a scrap book chronicling your twelve years together. Make sure you buy a scrapbook with a linen or silk cover or use silk ribbon to decorate the cover to stay in the twelfth anniversary silk and linen theme category. Now all you have to do is find all those boxes of photographs and keepsakes, a little glue and you have created the most unique and personal gift possible.

Colored Gems and Pearls Gift Suggestions

colored gems as gifts

Colored Gems

There are many beautiful colored gems to choose from, including sapphire, emerald, ruby, amethyst and aquamarine. A special colored gemstone gift designed as a special ring or pendant, or anything custom-made is an unforgettable gift just for your partner. Gem Fix has a large selection of colored gemstones to choose from.

Colored Pearls

Pearls come in a variety of colors. Blue Nile has a chart that shows some of the more common colors such a white, rose, gold, black, silver and pink. If you go to the Blue Nile Pearl Jewelry section you will find a variety of colored pearl earrings, necklaces and bracelets that would make a wonderful twelfth anniversary gift.

If you want to hand-make your colored pearl necklace gift, it is possible with a little patience. There are step-by-step instructions for knotting a pearl necklace on ArtBeads.com. The website also offers a nice selection of freshwater and faux pearls you can purchase to string and knot yourself. The time it takes to get it right will be worth being able to tell her you made the necklace for her with your own hands.

Peony Gift Suggestions

Peonies have been a popular flower since ancient times. There are over 600 types of peony plants, with colors ranging from red to pink, to white and yellow. Most peonies are perennial plants and some are woody shrubs.

The Chinese name for the peony is Sho Yu and means “most beautiful.” The peony symbolizes prosperity, happiness and peace, and the flowers are also said to embody romance and love. In Greek mythology, the moon goddess created the peony to reflect the moon’s light. What a great choice for an anniversary gift!

If you have a yard and the timing is right (you plant peony plants in the fall), plant a peony bush or shrub. It will bring you and your partner years of enjoyment. You can find peony plants at your local nursery or online at sites like the White Flower Farm.

arranged peonies

The peony flower is fragrant and beautiful which make them a great blossom to include in a flower arrangement. The Flower Shop Network offers an arrangement called Poetic Peonies on their website which would be an appropriate twelfth anniversary gift.

Peony blooms are also a favorite silk flower choice. Petals has a wide selection of peony arrangements that your partner would enjoy on your anniversary and for years to come.

There is a Karen Casey Smith pink peony photograph called Sho Yu on Fine Art America which is a great peony-themed choice if your partner likes wall art.

Jade/Opal Gift Suggestions


The website FindGift.com makes selecting jade jewelry easy. You can find striking jade rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and earrings on this website. Meanwhile, Etsy also offers unique, practical takes on the perfect jade gift.

Another website with unusual jade gifts is Jade Mine. This site has jade ashtrays, jade clocks, jade carvings, jade knifes, jade buttons, jade chop sticks and even a jade Christmas tree.


Opals range in color from clear to white, gray, slate, olive, brown and black with some in shades of red, orange yellow green and blue. The opal was thought to bring good luck in ancient times but more recently has been associated with the supernatural and evil powers.

Gemologica has a nice selection of men’s opal rings that would be a wonderful twelfth anniversary gift for the special man in your life.

If you want to buy a loose opal and design a custom ring for your twelfth anniversary gift, JTV has a large collection of opals to choose from.

The Celebration


Again, I would keep the celebration intimate and personal. Breakfast in bed, a dinner for two by candle light, or at a white table cloth restaurant with a show or concert after dinner would be great. You want to create a time for the two of you together – undistracted by the business of day-to-day life.

If you can get away, plan a trip. How about Hawaii or the Bahamas? Maybe Mexico or a Central American destination would be a good choice. Pick a hotel or bed and breakfast that will pamper you and your spouse.


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