Apr 27 2017

Eighth Anniversary Gifts

8th Anniversary Symbols

  • Traditional: Bronze/Pottery
  • Modern: Lace/Linen
  • Flower: Clematis
  • Gemstone: Tourmaline/Tanzanite

Celebrating Your Eighth Anniversary

By the time you reach your eighth anniversary the pressure is on; you have come up with great presents and celebration ideas for the first seven anniversaries and you know your partner is already anticipating what great gifts you will come up with for the eighth anniversary. This is not getting easier with practice it is getting harder. We will try and give you some suggestions to help out.

Bronze/Pottery Gift Suggestions


Bronze is a metal alloy made primarily of copper combined with tin or other elements. Bronze was important in antiquity because it was strong and easy to cast. Bronze was the perfect material to make tools, weapon and building materials.

Today bronze is used for electrical connectors and other mechanical parts and sculpture. Not an easy category to find a gift for your average person.

The best bronze gifts are sculptures or bronze plaques or bronzed items.  You can find a large selection of garden, animal and classic bronze statues and sculptures on www.sculptureandstatue.com/. If your partner appreciates art you have a solution to your eighth anniversary gift challenge.

The Bronze Plaque offers bronze house plaques you can design yourself with your own art work, your family name and street address. These unique plaques are perfect for mounting on a gate, driveway post, or next to the front door. www.thebronzeplaque.com/signs.html.

Bronze makes great music. Most bells are made of bronze. While most of us don’t need a church quality bell there are some great bronze wind bells for gardens and patios. Check out the patina bronze wind bells on the Seek Enterprises website at www.seekenterprises.com/store/categories/Wind-Bells_998745.html.


This is a much easier category to find gifts for your partner than bonze. There are hundreds of pottery choices from cute coffee mugs to sophisticated bowls and elegant vases and handmade pitchers.

There is a wonderful selection of pottery pitchers, dishes, lamps, vases and even a wine cooler at www.arrowsicislandpottery.com/. If you can’t find a pottery gift here I would be surprised.

Another great pottery site is www.handmade-dinnerware.com/. This site offers handmade pottery in bright colors including canister sets, sugars and creamer sets, trays, bowls, and a selection of handmade tiles which would be a great addition to a kitchen or bathroom.

Or you could always opt for one of those crazy coffee mugs. You can find them with every imaginable saying. But if you want a personalized mug check out www.mugheaven.com/ who will design and hand make a coffee mug to your specifications.

Hand painted tiles are a great addition to any room or get tiles with your house number to hang by the front door. You could purchase a few accent tiles or tiles for an entire black splash or kitchen counter. If you are handy you could install the tiles when they arrive or hire an installer and you have an 8th anniversary gift that you will provide joy day in and day out. www.seaporttileshop.com/. Check the hand painted tile murals available on www.kltilemurals.com/SeascapeMurals.html. You could select a turtle or dolphin for your shower or an entire reef scene with brightly colored tropical fish for your bathroom wall. Don’t want to do an entire wall installation how about buying one of the tile bird or flower murals and making a tile coffee or end table?

Does your partner have a favorite pet? If you send a picture of the pet to Clayworks at www.itsajungleclayworks.com/yourpet.htm they will make a clay character of your pet. They also offer hundreds of handmade animal figures you can order if your partner collects pigs or elephants or almost any animal you can find a figurine here.

There are niche businesses in most towns that specialize in helping you make pottery gifts. You go to the studio and they will sell you a blank pottery bowl, mug or plate and you apply your own design. They fire the pottery for you and presto you have a one of a kind gift for your special one.



Lace gifts could include blouses with lace collars or lace trimmed night gowns or robes.

There is an inexpensive and classy lace trimmed pillowcase set at www.trademe.co.nz/Home-living/Bedding-towels/Pillows-cases/Pillow-cases/auction-251129132.htm.

For a sexy gift you could give her a Victoria’s Secret lacy bra or panty. A lace camisole or slip would be a special gift. www.victoriassecret.com/.

If she is Irish or just loves beautiful things a perfect gift might be an original design, Carrickmacross Irish lace piece. On the Irish Carrickmacross website these delicate pieces come displayed on handmade paper suitable for framing or beautifully framed. Each piece comes with its own signed, dated and numbered certificate of authenticity. www.irishcarrickmacrosslace.com/contemporary.htm.

Heritage Lace offers incredible lace tablecloths, lace runners, lace curtains, lace shower curtains, and lace wall hangings and Christmas ornaments at www.heritagelace.com/.

Your Lace Place’s online store at www.yourlaceplace.com/lace/index.html also offers lace table linens and curtains and lace shower curtains.


See the linen gift suggestions in the fourth anniversary article.

Clematis Gift Suggestions

Clematis plants are a climbing vine with showy flowers. Clematis flower come in almost every color. If you have a garden or patio these plants make great plants to grow up a trellis or along a fence. For a gardener clematis plants (I would get several) would be a great eighth anniversary gift.

No room for a live plant, you can find silk clematis in a variety of colors at www.warehousecraftsupplies.com/servlet/Categories?category=Silk+Flowers%3ABy+Style%3AClematis.

Tourmaline/Tanzanite Gift Suggestions


Tourmalines are a crystal that comes in every imaginable color. You can find lots of earrings, rings and necklaces made with colorful tourmalines on www.rdallen.com/.


Tanzanite is a beautiful blue stone which is used extensively to make jewelry. If blue is your partner’s favorite color a piece of tanzanite jewelry is the gift you need to get for him or her. You can find a great selection of necklaces, earrings and rings at www.tanzanitejewelrydesigns.com/.

The Celebration


I would definitely plan a getaway for the eighth anniversary. It could be a three day weekend, a cruise or a trip to Las Vegas or New York to take in the shows. What is important is that the two of you have some quality time alone to relax and enjoy each other. You deserve it.

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